The Moral and Political Legacy of Bernard Williams – Oxford University 21st-22nd April, 2014




University of Oxford Faculty of Philosophy,

Lecture Room

Radcliffe Humanities

Radcliffe Observatory Quarter

Woodstock Road

Oxford OX2 6GG



 Lorenzo Greco

EC Marie Curie Fellow in Philosophy, University of Oxford

Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy, Mansfield College, Oxford

Early Career Fellow, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities

Registration is free. If you plan to attend, and for any further questions please email

lorenzo.greco [at]


The conference is funded by The Mind Association, with the collaboration of The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities


21st April

2:30 p. m. – 3:30 p. m. Miranda Fricker: “The Humanistic Discipline”

3:30 p. m. – 4:30 p. m. Timothy Chappell: “Recognising Reasons”

4:30 p. m. – 5:00 p. m. Break

5:00 p. m. – 6:30 p. m. Nakul Krishna: “Alternatives to Moral Theory”

Elianna Fetterolf: “Remorse beyond the Morality System”

Adrian Moore: “Replies to Nakul Krishna and Elianna Fetterolf

22nd April

9:30 a. m. – 10:45 a. m. Simon Blackburn: “Bernard Williams, Adam Smith, and the Peculiar Piacular”

10:45 a. m. – 11:15 a. m. Break

11:15 a. m. – 12:15 a. m. Roger Crisp: “D’où Venons Nous … Que Sommes Nous … Où Allons Nous? Williams on Moral Luck”

2:00 p. m. – 3:00 p. m. Alan Thomas: “Williams’s Political Psychology: Between Moralism and Realism?”

3:00 p. m. – 4:00 p. m. Edward Harcourt: “The Morality System and ‘The Idea of Equality’”

4:00 p. m. – 4: 30 p. m. Break

4:30 p. m. – 5:30 p. m. Paul Russell: “Hume, Williams, and ‘the Morality System’”

Conference ends